Youth Ministry

Malengerera Daniel
Chairperson Youth Ministry

The youth ministry is established in order to build a generation that places Christ at the center; building virtues of purity, holiness and righteousness. The youth lead worship every second Sunday of the month. The vibrant worship raises the level of Christian reception of the preachers’ message. Indeed we are “FISHERS OF MEN” (Mathew 4:19)

The youth ministry is composed of three sections: Teens, Campusers and Young workers. Other sections of the youth ministry include fellowship, sports, Music Dance and Drama. On the archdeaconry level, the ministry is part of the Youth Quake ministry together with other churches forming the Eastern Archdeaconry of Kampala Diocese.

SACB Youth Ministry has an estimated number of two hundred nine (209) youth with an average of about seventy five (75) members in active ministry.

The ministry has one major fellowship called the Joint Youth fellowship which takes place every Tuesday and from which different cells are built from to develop the different sections in the Youth ministry and these include Teens Bible study that takes place every Wednesday, Kingdom Business fellowship for young workers that takes place on specific Thursdays and the campusers’ cell. The ministry has recorded an average of forty five percent (45%) that attend the youth fellowships and other activities. In these different fellowships, the focus is mainly on spiritual growth and attaining the necessary skills to be effective in the community. The ministry also has various altar calls which are held involving salvation, deliverance and healing. This happens in various fellowships and services e.g. youth and general church overnights, youth camp (Youth Quake) where a number of young people have grown spiritually. All these activities are overseen by the Youth pastor Rev. Patricia Laaki.

Teens Class: Agee group: (13-19)

Started in 2013, this ministry is composed of students who have completed their confirmation class and are no longer part of the children’s class. This class has been growing over the past six years and has attracted many young people who needed belonging, thus becoming a foundation for developing future Godly stewards.  This class meets every Sunday of the week in the church hall from 8:00 am to 9:30 am. They also meet every Wednesday of the week for Bible study from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Campusers: Age group: (19-23)

This was started to cater for students at universities. Given the diverse backgrounds and cultures that our children encounter at this level, there was great need to keep them in line with the gospel of Christ who is our ultimate foundation. This group meets every Thursday of the week in the different halls of residence at their respective institutions to share the gospel and build each other in line with our church vision.

Young Workers: Age group: (24-35)

This is a young adult’s section of the Youth ministry that was started in 2012 with the main aim of fostering transformation of young people aged between (18-25) years. Members in this category are encouraged to spread the good news of Christ in the market place and be motivated to live in purity and righteousness as they pursue their life and career goals. It is based on Mathew 6:33, with a model of equipping, empowering and transforming lives. The team fellowships on specific Thursday’s of the week. Other activities that the young workers engage in are home visits, prayer retreats, life skills trainings, and outreaches. Given the age bracket, members are encouraged to build and maintain relationships that could lead to marriage. We have witnessed a number of our members grow in godly relationships resulting into marriage, and we trust God for many others to follow suit.

Joint Youth Fellowship/ Youth service

All the three mentioned groups above come together for fellowship every Tuesday of the week from 5:30 pm – 7:30pm in the main church building at St. Andrews. This is aimed at bringing all the youth together to share what has been learnt in their respective groups as we focus on Christ. This fellowship/service is open to other youth from different parishes. It has managed to record a few visiting youth from different parishes like St. Peter’s Naguru, St. John’s Kamwokya, and St. Luke’s church Ntinda.

SACB Youth Ministry intends to strengthen, grow and mentor young people for the future church. To teach the youth to be hopeful and work together in demonstrating the love of Jesus not only in our parish but to the world. (Mathew 28:18)