Script. Ref. 1 Samuel 5:1

Our God is God above all.

The Philistines captured the covenant box of the Lord and took it into the temple of their god Dagon and set it up beside his statue. The next morning, they found that the statue of Dagon had fallen face downwards on the ground in front of the Lord’s covenant box. The Philistines still place back the statue of Dagon back next to the Ark of the Covenant and still the next morning, they found it had fallen down in front of the Covenant box and this time its head and both its arms were broken off and were lying in the doorway; only the body was left.

Wickedness in previous chapters had taken over and had gone far that the children of the priests were also wicked and involved in all sorts of sin. The Lord punished the Philistines with tumors in every city in Philistine where they kept transferring the Ark of the Covenant of the God of Israel.

God could not allow the Philistines to dishonor Him as the true living God. God was more superior than Dagon for it was just an idol. The strange work of God is displayed in this text and the good news within His work, God made them know that He alone was God and was to be worshiped. God did this by making their idol Dagon to fall down. It was a disgrace to place God’s ark into Dagon’s temple. Sometimes we have a God that we claim to worship yet we have other false gods that we are worshiping. Outwards we claim to worship God and inwards we are worshiping the devil.

We are advised by others to do wicked things and we do so, even when we know that what we are being advised to do is wrong. Knowing that God alone is above everything, then we have to let Him to be God alone. Let’s leave our God to reign alone. One of the strange works of God in this text is that His hand became too heavy upon them (the Philistines) because He is a mighty God above other gods. God’s hand will always be heavy and if we also go off track, we shall experience it.

However, if we repent and turn back to God, He will have mercy upon us. God caused the Philistines to send back the Ark of the covenant to Israel. God triumphs over all challenges and over anything we present to Him. When God judges, He will overcome. When He decided to judge Dagon and Dagon’s worshipers, God overcame. Sometimes we fail but God never fails. Sometimes we think God is far away but He is always near.

Psalms 107:6-8  We need to look to only God and cry to Him. God should be our only option to save us from trouble and distress. Read, Psalms 107:14  God saved them, delivered them and broke the chains into pieces. Read, Psalms 107:19 God saved them from their distress and delivered them from their distractions.

If God did this for the children of Israel, He is able to do the same for us all. Our God hears, delivers, heals and saves us. The God we serve is more than able to glorify Himself in our lives. God triumphs over everything and when He judges, He overcomes. You only need that little faith; the one kind that doesn’t doubt God, that faith which completely surrenders to Him and to His divine purpose and will.