1 John 3:8b says, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”

Purpose is reason for existence. A purpose driven life is a life lived on the basis of the reason as to why that life was allowed to be. The issue of purpose is very key in our lives because without purpose life has no meaning.

Everything that God has created, He has created it with a purpose. The sun has a purpose and without it the biology in plants to produce food would not take place. Even the cockroaches and mosquitoes have a purpose. Each of the creatures contribute to a suitable environment. We need to each discover what our purpose is or reason of existence is.

Purpose is the original intent for which something is created. Purpose is the end for which the means exists. Purpose is the cause for the creation of a thing. Purpose is the reason for being. Without purpose your life is just an experiment and you wake up without a very clear program.

Mark 1:35 says, “Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed.”

After a time of prayer, His disciples would come and tell Him that people are looking of Him. Jesus replied them saying that He must go to the next city for that is where He was called to. Many people were looking for Jesus but because He was living a purpose driven life, He knew where He was supposed to be at a particular point in life. Jesus knew where He was supposed and who He was supposed with at a particular point in His life.

Many of us don’t live life but life is living us. Many of us life is living us because we don’t have a clear direction or a clear divine time table that guides us on what we should do on a particular day. Jesus never woke up on any particular day without having a heavenly program of what He should do. Jesus didn’t just focus on doing good things and yes people looked for Him in the city where He has spent the night, but because He was living a purpose driven life, He knew how to say no even when the demands around Him were many or when people demanded for Him.

A life of purpose enables you to life according to God’s program for your life. Therefore, a life without purpose is a life of experiment because you are doing trial and error. You try business and if it doesn’t work, you go into something else. You try selling clothes and if it doesn’t work, you go into fishing and that is a life of trial and error. Without purpose life has no satisfaction.

The bible says about Jesus in Isaiah 53 that He shall see the travail of His soul and He shall be satisfied. Why? Jesus would be satisfied because of living a purpose driven life. When you live a life of purpose everything that you do is satisfying because it is in line with God’s will for your life.

Without purpose, life is ruled by circumstances. If you live life without purpose it is ruled by circumstances. We have heard people saying that they are fine under the circumstances. Because Jesus was living a purpose driven life, He was living above the circumstances. In Matthew 14, Jesus went to pray the whole night and the scriptures say that in the fourth watch of the night, He saw His disciples struggling with the sea and as they were struggling with the waves of the sea, Jesus came walking on water. The same water that was drowning His disciples is the same water Jesus came walking on. Water here is a representation of circumstances. A life of purpose enables you to live above the circumstances of life.

Without a life of purpose, you end up in the wrong company/ the wrong people. Luke 6:12 says, “Now it came to pass in those days that He went out to the mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.” One day Jesus went to pray and He prayed the whole night and in the morning He chose his disciples. Through a life driven by Purpose, Jesus was able to know who He was supposed to work with and who He not supposed to work with. Jesus chose all His disciples on purpose and even Judas Iscariot was chosen on purpose. Jesus needed someone to betray Him to His enemies to eventually go on the cross to pay the ultimate price for our salvation.

Do you ever wonder whether the people in your inner circle have been chosen because you are guided by purpose? Many of us are very social and good at making friends but a life driven by purpose even determines who is your friend, who is close to you and who is not. In John 2 the bible says that when Jesus performed miracles, many people wanted to cling to Him but Jesus didn’t cling to them because He knew what was in the hearts of men.

A purpose driven life also determines your location. Many of us are in the wrong places and when you are in the wrong place, you are vulnerable to the enemy. When you read about Jesus, you find that every place where He was especially in the book of Matthew, you find scriptures that says that He went to such and such a place in order to fulfill what was written by the prophet.

Jesus went to Nazareth after His parents came from Egypt to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet that He shall be a Nazarite. Jesus dwelt in those place to fulfil what was written about Him. Jesus didn’t stay in any place. A life that is driven by purpose even determines your location.

A life driven by purpose even determines your lifestyle. When Samson was born, the instruction from the angel was that He was not to take any alcoholic drink. It was ok for others to take alcoholic drinks but not for Samson but because he was a Nazarite and the rules governing a Nazarite lifestyle, he wasn’t to take any alcoholic drink. His hair was not to be cut off or be in places where dead things were and as long as Samson kept in the principles that governed his purpose or calling, the power of God was operating. For long as he stayed in the principles governing his purpose, God was working through him until he took God for granted.

You will never find a soldier living like a civilian. It is interesting that a life of purpose also determines what you eat and what you drink. In the book of Leviticus, there are certain things that God prescribed in the old covenant regarding what the children of Israel were to eat and what they were not to eat. The principle in the old testament was that you needed to watch what was on the inside of you because you had a purpose for which to live. Some people live very loose lives because they don’t have a purpose for their lives. A person living a purpose driven life knows what is beneficial and what is permissible and distinguishes between the two very clearly.

A life of purpose even determines what you study. Some parents force their children to do certain things and the child is not aligned to their purpose. Many of us simply do whatever comes because we are not guided by purpose.

A life of purpose determines the root you take. When the children of Israel were coming out of Egypt, there are places God told them not to pass through. The children of Israel passed through particular places and there are even battles God refused them from fighting. Some of us are fighting battles that God has not ordained for us to fight. King Josiah sought the Lord but his death was because he went into a battle that God had told him not to go to. We are not born to do everything or solve every problem because there are specific things that God wants us to solve in line with our purpose. You can’t be a jack of all trades.

A life of purpose is detected through the gifts that God has given us. Your gifting is aligned to your purpose. Even the way you do your things is supposed to be aligned to your purpose. Saul gave David his armor and he put it off the armour and he simply picked five smooth stones and a sling because his purpose depicted the methods he had to use to deal with life challenges. With a sling and five stones David was able to defeat Goliath and this marked his entry into fame. People didn’t know David but because He was living a purpose driven life, he was aligned to his purpose and was able to transition from a life of oblivion to a life of fame and popularity as God had ordained. A life of purpose even determines the methods use.

A life of purpose determines the way that you speak and the content of your speech. The bible warns us of unwholesome talk from our mouths and Jesus said that we shall clearly be held accountable for the words that we speak. People who live purpose driven lives don’t talk aimlessly. Joshua was told that the book of the law shall not depart from his mouth and he was to meditate on it day and night. One of the challenges that we have as believers is that we live very indiscipline lives. Jesus came to raise disciples. Are you living a life of purpose?

  • A life of purpose is connected to God because He is the author of purpose. You can’t fulfil your purpose if you are disconnected from God. A person of purpose asks themselves questions. Adam was disconnected from His purpose.

5 Serious Questions to ask yourself.

  • Who am I? Jacob was asked who he was by the angel.
  • Where am I from? Jesus never mentioned that He came from Nazareth. Jesus used to say that He comes from His Father. All of us came from the father and Father in scripture means source. We have the image of God because God is our source. Jesus always said that He was not of this world.
  •  Why am I here? Why are you alive in 2023?
  • What am I here to do? What is my assignment on earth?
  • Where am I going? This is a question about destiny.
  • Can you draw a picture of your destiny 5 year or 20 years from now?
  • Who are you and how do people define you?
  • Do you know your root? Think about what people call you. Are you living a life carelessly? Where are you from? What is your assignment in your family? What are you here to do? Where are you going?

John 15:1-17, Jesus is the vine and His followers are the branches. Are you in the vine? Are you in fellowship with Jesus? Every branch in Jesus that doesn’t bear fruit will be cut off. If you are going to remain in Jesus Christ, you will be continually pruned and this is through the word.

The teachings should cause us to remain in the vine. Are you producing evidence of your faith in your work place or when situation come? Know your Purpose, who you are and where you are going? God wants us to be positioned in the vine. No branch produces fruit unless if they are in the vine. He who remains in Jesus Christ will bear fruit. Choose to remain in Jesus in these end times before His second coming.

Are you off the vine? Have situations or friends broken you off? Have you compromised? If you are united with Jesus, then whatever you ask in His name it will be done for you. Our faith could be drying. Samson was born with instructions over his life not to take alcohol and He ended up being dry. The anointing on Samson was cut off.

Do not doubt the love of God. You can’t say you obey the commandments and not obey Jesus. Obey the teachings that come to you in fellowship. If you don’t remain loving God, you won’t keep the commandments. What is in you is what will be produced. You can be outside the vine and produce good fruit. If you know your purpose, you will reach out to others with love.