READING: Genesis 41:1-32

If you don’t plan your life, someone will plan it for you and therefore it is very key for us to live your life with purpose.

BOOK TO READ: 48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller

God gave Joseph dreams and He shared the vision that God gave him. Joseph was his father’s favourite and his mother died when giving birth to his brother Benjamin. Joseph had the gift of interpreting dreams and visions.

Joseph knew his purpose and knew what he was created for. In regards to the dream that Joseph had, God had implanted something in him and he knew that he was created for a purpose. The bible says that the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. Joseph’s steps were ordered by the Lord and he knew that he would lead someday.

In life, not everyone will understand your idea or support your idea but Joseph trusted the Lord. A strategic planner is someone who guides a company or organisation or community through financial obstacles and helps them to achieve their goals of continuing profitability and growing revenues. Joseph was a strategic planner and a strategic planner of an organization determines where the organization is going over the next couple of years or more and they formulate strategies, policies and procedures.

At 50 years someone can say that they don’t know their purpose in life or their calling. You can be musician but it is not your calling and your purpose could be just to raise children. What you are doing right now can lead you to your purpose. Some people studied accounting but are now in different professions and doing what they love with passion.

Joseph helped Pharaoh to discover the coming crisis in the nation and also helped Pharaoh to come up with a policy of restoring the harvest in plentiful years and set procedures for distribution from the stores in the drought. Joseph assessed current resources and developed strategies to access those resources during the lean years.

The planning was for a period of 15 years and Joseph wasn’t a first class strategic planner and he faced a lot of hard times. Besides Joseph’s faith in God what made him unique? Joseph was teachable, willing to learn from situations and continuously trusted God. When Joseph was in Potiphar’s how, the bible says that God was with him.

Dreaming big doesn’t mean that you are dreaming for the now or that you are ready as in Genesis 37:5-11. The two dreams God gave Joseph though big were not for the immediate now. Some dreams take years to plan and execute and others take a lifetime. On the path of your dreams/ purpose, you have to plan and grow.

Unjust circumstances can be a prison or a stepping stone- Genesis 39. Potiphar purchases Joseph and put him in a place of trust by running his household and Joseph run his duties well and even refused to sleep with Potiphar’s wife. Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of rape and he was thrown into prison, however, Joseph lived righteously. People will hurt you in life but if your hold bitterness, you will die very soon.

The book of Proverbs says that merry heart is good for the soul and bitterness is rottenness to the bone. Unjust circumstances can either keep you in prison or be a stepping stone. We need to let unjust circumstance be stepping stones like Joseph. Joseph was thrown in prison but it was a stepping stone.

A strong person properly expresses negative emotions. Genesis 42:24, Genesis 43:30-31 & Genesis 45:2. Along the way to developing a plan to save Egypt, Joseph was wounded by his brothers. His brothers separated
him from his family and sold him and Joseph could have been so angry and killed his brothers but he didn’t. Joseph learnt wisdom and people skills and not only could he manage goods but he could manage his emotions.

In Genesis 41:46-57, Joseph was successful in food management. When Joseph was appointed, he created a long term agricultural policy and infrastructure. Joseph went about the work for which he was appointed for and maintained his faith in God. Before he went to pharaoh, He cut his hair and learnt the way of life of the Egyptians. For Joseph, all that he did was godly work.

In Genesis 41:39, Pharaoh characterized Joseph as discerning and wise and these characteristics enabled Joseph to do the work of strategic planning and administration. The Hebrew word for wise is Hakham and for wisdom is Hokhmah and these words note a high level of intellectual capacity. Exodus 31:3-5, Exodus 28:3, Exodus 35:6, Deuteronomy 34:9 and 1 Kings 3:28. Wisdom doesn’t mean words alone but also practical skills like tailoring, planning for your garden, legal skills, health skills.

If you are doing soap, what are you learning to expand the business or to expand distribution? Joseph went through all the land of Egypt on an inspection tour. Jesus said that in planning you have to sit down. Joseph had to interact with the farmers among other things and even in ministry or business you must know what the competition is doing. Nehemiah toured the road.

Joseph knew his purpose but it wasn’t as he thought it would be. There was wealth accumulated in Egypt because people had to move and come to Egypt for food during the time of Joseph. Genesis 47:13-46, Food got scarce and later the food was not given but instead sold. Pharaoh used the money acquired to keep his people alive. God is a planner and Joseph under God was a planner. Have you toured your situation in the year 2023? Whatever you do in word or deed, do unto the Lord. Joseph was discerning and wise.