Many of us went through a lot in the past year and we need to thank God. We don’t only seek God when times are bad but even when times are good or better we need to continue seeking God. The challenge that we have is that when things get better we turn away from God and stop going for fellowships until other calamities wake us up and we begin running to people and fellowships to help us. We should not be such kinds of people because when you come back to God it may take some time for you to connect with Him and He will keep watching you because you are not stable and are like a lily with no roots.

Let us keep what we started and keep fellowshiping and having our roots in Christ. Let us not be seasonal Christians. Many Christians are being robbed in the world because they are seeking words of encouragement and are not seeking God. They are seeking things and not God who gives the things.

The false prophets are giving prophecies and words of encouragement. We don’t need the prophet sometimes but we need God and God in the prophet. God can use a prophet to speak to you but you need to hear what the Lord says in the sermon.

We should ask the Lord in regards to how we can appropriate the word. We want to dwell on God’s word, understand the message and the season. God is a God of seasons and time. Your clock is God’s guidance for life.


READING: Jeremiah 29:1-17

When we talk about seasons and times many people ask why should they live when there are tough times for example when there are invasions of sickness and invasion of poverty etc. You can remain a curse if you don’t find purpose for living.

Most people want to find purpose for living. It sounds nice to live and we have hard nice times and bad times. Some people live for just for just and believe that God created them so they live on. This is the season to know why we live. We are in a season to live and there is a reason to live because we have a mission. We are on mission.

These a son was right in the book of Esther for King Xerxes to look for a new queen because Vashti was proud and disobeyed the king’s invitation. A word was sent out to look for contestants to take the position of queen and that is how Esther from a humble family took up the position. Esther was worked on inwardly and outwardly. Esther had to know why she was chosen to be queen and her cousin Mordecai reminded her that if she went to sleep in the palace,she would also perish with the Jews.

Esther needed awake up call and she took off three days of prayer and fasting and she was able to save all the Jews but it took her understanding the season. Why has God left you alive? Have you ever inquired of God why you are living? You have gone through several battles but your purpose hasn’t been fulfilled. Until you know your season, then you will cease the time and in your time you will be blessed.

God will ask us if we did the missions here on earth. We need to ask ourselves some questions like, why are we living on? If you have not spent some time thinking about your purpose, it is time to start thinking about it.

Jeremiah 29 sounds like what is going on today. Some of us are in captivity and the Lord is watching. This scripture shows us a period in Babylon before Christ. 70 years is an approximate time as a life time. God sent the Israelites to Babylon for 70 years.

Some of us have asked questions like, why have we lived for 70 years in captivity? You are not alone and could be in a captivity for 70 years. 70 years was along time/a lifetime. The bondage some of us are in is not long but it feels like it is 70 years.

Some of us have struggled to get jobs. Let us find purpose for living. Some of us have taken our purpose to live to merely achievements for example, you go to school, then get a job and then you get a wife and have a family etc. These achievements don’t bring fulfillment. When you find a personal sense of purpose, it is in God.

May be our families or work places are in captivity. God is telling us that wherever we have been exiled or in captivity, there is a purpose beyond our purpose that goes beyond the world.

Some of us are just living and have ended up in wicked ways. God has seen what is going on in the world because there is destruction of souls. People are angry, people are murdering others etc. All this shows that we have no purpose for our lives. We are living in a negative world and we are teaching hurting children. Diseases have come to rob our homes. Marriages broke during covid19, many passed on and poverty came in.

Solomon the richest and wisest man of his time wrote in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for everything.  Solomon looked at all he had and said that all is meaningless without Christ. Solomon had many wives and children and without God it was all meaningless. It is times for us to find our purpose.

Build homes and stay in them. Be faithful to God and you will live in your times. We should stop living in the negative and live in the positive. Outside God’s plans the results are not fulfilling. God is saying, build homes and stay in them.

In God you can find your purpose. Plant gardens and eat the food. God is saying prepare your garden and you will eat the fruits. Walk with God as you go to the farm. Go to God as you build your home.

Vs6, Support your children when they get their marriage partners so that you can have many children. If the marriage comes in a clear way, every thing will be peaceful.

Know the season, know your time and know the reason. Some of us could have walked into marriage in the wrong season or walked into marriage through defiance. There is hope when you bring repentance to the Lord. Some of us have let our purposes in marriage to crush but we find purpose again in the Lord and He will restore us.

God is going to multiply us in this season and our mission is to preach the word of God until Christ comes. Jesus will come like a thief in the night. Some of us are living in other nations and God is saying that we should pray for the nations and if those nations receive peace then we will live in peace.

We need to speak to our organizations to prosper. You can change your workplace by your honesty and integrity. God is saying that we should not let the fortune tellers and the false prophets to tell us things that God has not spoken. Matthew 24:24 speaks of these prophets.

Some of the prophets today are of God and some are fortune tellers. God is telling us not to listen to dreams because they are telling lies. Let us listen to what God is saying. Some of the people we are listening to have not been sent by God and so we should be watchful.

The Lord has taken us through tough moments and God is watching. Sometimes we don’t need prophecies but we need God. What matters is us finding our purpose in God. Let us purpose to look for God wholeheartedly. God didn’t forget these people in captivity and planned to give them a new beginning.

God has not forgotten us in our pain. God is saying that we have a new beginning and the moon is up and this shows a new season. God can turn your pastors, employees etc into new people.

We are going to have a good future and new hope. Most people will ask you, why are you still living on?Tell them that your purpose in life is unique as your fingerprint is unique.The Lord is ready to help those who understand the season and in your purpose, you will have areas on for living.