script. ref Hosea 10:10-13

  • If we seek the Lord in righteousness, then we shall find Him. It is time for us to change our thoughts and need God in all areas of our lives.
  • It is the only way we shall bear fruit that will last. It is in righteousness that we bear fruit.
  • When we do things in our own ability, we get frustrated. But when we involve God we produce fruits that last.
  • Plotting wickedness doesn’t make one bear fruit. The Lord desires us to do thing correctly and walk in righteousness.
  • Let us trust in the Lord and not do things in our own strength.
  • Let us turn back to God and seek Him for righteousness and not seek men.
  • When we draw nearer to God, He draws nearer to us. We should mot harden our hearts but we should plough our hearts before God, then we shall bear fruits and fruits that last.

 Read Isaiah 27:1-5,    Job 41:1-10

  • Sometimes we dilly dally with things that come bring a delay in our redemptive calls.
  • Daniel refused to compromise with his prayer standards and Joseph also didn’t compromise with his integrity.
  • God desires to lift us into levels of responsibility but we need to know how not to compromise ourselves to the things of the world.

Job 1:1-6

  • Job was an honorable man and a man who feared God.
  • Job was a rich man and riches could not take him away from the Lord. He always repented of every small thing. He was counted as a righteous man.
  • The devil went to God with a purpose to accuse Job with claims that God His over protecting Job.
  • We as cbristians, miracles are not for us. Miracles are to fish out those who don’t know the Lord. We are not the ones that follow miracles.
  • The blessings of the Lord are the ones that expand us.

Job 38: 12

  • Instead of encouragement, Job was feeling pain. We need to learn to be patient with God.
  • Let us minimize the questions we bring to God. Who else would have carried the mantle of Job?
  • Who else should carry such mantles? God uses these mantles to glorify Himself.
  • In our redemptive calls, there is sufficient grace from God for you to go through those challenges. Grace accompanies our redemptive calls.

Psalms 139:13-17