Church Council

The Parish council is the supreme governing body of St. Andrew’s church Bukoto and is headed by the Vicar. It is composed of elected members and nominees from the congregation from all the church services and direct representatives from the heads of church organs/ministries.

The Parish Council delegates some of its responsibilities to the committees formed from it. They include; Pastoral committee/team, Building Committee, Stewardship committee, Compassion committee

Pastoral committee/team

This team includes all the clergies, Lay leader, youth pastors, Ordinands among other members and the main role is to provide spiritual guidance to the church, arrange the liturgy and others.

Building Committee

This committee is constituted of selected members from within the church with both technical professional and some special skills. They are charged with the task of building the new sanctuary. Stead progress has been registered over time and tremendous results are visible.

Stewardship committee

The Stewardship Committee is in charge of financial reporting (weekly, quarterly and annual) and security of church assets (Properties and Estates).

Compassion committee

This Committee focuses on caring for the needy and performing compassionate activities for the sick and the grieved