A Word from the Head of Laity

Hon. Margaret Rwabushaija – Head of Laity, St. Andrew’s Church Bukoto

I was recently reading a book written by Rick Warren titled “The Purpose Driven Church” and he states that in order for a church to be healthy, it needs to focus on God’s purposes. In his book, Rick explains that every church is driven by something which can be tradition, finances, programs, personalities, events, seekers but also building can be the controlling force in a church. However, in order for a church to be healthy, it must be built around the five New Testament purposes given to the church by Jesus Christ which are; Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Mission, all derived from the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37–40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19–20).”

And it is with these principles that I would like us fellow fishers to make the bedrock of our SACB mission and message because; together we can make it SACB Fishers.

Some of these, we have been able to achieve and for those that we haven’t yet, I think that we need to critically analyse our situation and identify gaps.

We are currently facing a tough time as a community due to the pandemic and its detrimental side effects but my humble word of encouragement is that we make use of the different arms of the church such as fellowship and mission to serve the needs of those members of the church that have fallen on tough times.

In regards to Ministry, we have achieved some milestones such as the construction of our church but we need to engage our energies in discipleship to fish more believers.

Let us continue fishing since we are fishers of men!